Biological Fly Control for pig stables

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Effektive Fly combat With fly parasites in livestock buildings

Put a stop to flies
in pig buildings with slurry systems

Flies are a nuisance for both livestock and people causing stress and irritation. At the same time flies are responsible for the spread of diseases in livestock including some which are transmissible to humans (zoonotic). Flies have been identified as disease vectors for avian influenza, swine  dysentery, salmonella and New Forest Eye, to name a few.

Slurry flies/Killer flies
Biological control – an ingenious solution to the fly problem

In farms with slurry systems the house flies can be controlled using predator flies. The slurry flies/killer flies are biological predators and natural enemies of pest flies and this fly is attracted to the areas where the house fly deposits its eggs. Its larvae cannibalize the house fly larva and then cannibalize themselves thus the life cycle is a limiting one. The adult slurry fly is approx. 5-7 mm in length and is a black metallic insect. The slurry flies are very effective and 100% harmless to animals or people.  They stay in the dark in the slurry pits, particularly in the surface liquid of the  slurry, and go unnoticed whilst offering you a natural control of pest flies.

With guarantee for effect

This biological system has shown to be particular effective for house fly control in pig production – in both practice and via official tests. With background of practical experience and clearly positive results for more than 20 years, we issue a full guarantee for a positive result.

The Danish Department of Agriculture has reported results of how well slurry flies control fly     populations in two different studies: One study concluded that the slurry flies suppressed a      population of house flies in about 30 days. Another reported that after 90 days all house flies and stable flies in a pig farm had been completely eliminated.

The Slurry fly system in special suspension boxes

They are supplied as pupae in specific suspension boxes, the slurry flies will gradually develop and emerge from the box over 3-4 weeks. One box should cover 100m2.

How to get started?

You can start at any time of the year but we advice to start in good time before the summer period. In practice it usually takes a period of 1 to 2 months to establish the slurry flies.

Our fly specialists help the farmers to determine the number of boxes with slurry flies they need based on not only the number and type of animals they have but also the size of the feedlot, pasture or stable and the conditions in their area. We make a delivery plan for the farmer and after receiving them by post it only takes a few minutes to put the boxes containing the flies in the stable

Good reasons to use biological fly control

Chemical free process - reducing the need for pesticides, which is safer for the environment.

Natural solution - quick and efficient biological insect control.

Cost effective - treats large areas effectively and provides 24/7 protection against insect problems.

We are fly specialists

Rovfluen ApS has more than 20 years of experience in biological control of flies.
We produce slurry flies in Denmark in SPF SuS approved labors and we can guarantee that the slurry flies have been developed in complete isolation and they can therefore not transfer any type of infection whatsoever. We export slurry flies all over Europe so do not hesitate to contact us.

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